Excellent, Chi Gung class held by Cliff on Friday nights
8.00 - 9.00
Cliff has made his class very friendly and informative regarding relaxation and calming methods.

After only three months I thoroughly enjoy the Chi Gung and am starting to feel happier & less stressed with a more positive attitude maybe becoming addicted to that "springy feeling" which comes with it.

Thank you for your support and teaching tips so far and I am looking forward to more classes in the future.

-Lesley Carle

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Sifu Cliff Alderson
Tel: 07957 221738

IMAS Martial Arts Centre
413 Montrose Avenue
Slough, SL1 4TJ


Sifu Cliff Alderson

Sifu Cliff Alderson Sifu Cliff Alderson has trained in Chi Gung and various martial arts since 1973 - Shotokan Karate, Wu Zhu Quan (Five Ancestors Fist), Taoist Chi Gung, Chinese boxing, Wing Tsun, Shaolin Chi Gung and several weapons including poles, sticks, knives and sword.

He currently teaches Chi Gung and Wing Tsun kung fu.

He spent seven years serving with the British military, working with airborne units all over the world.

In 1996 he was awarded the title of Sifu in Wing Tsun kung fu.

Some of his former students are now Masters, and UK and World champions in various martial arts systems.

At IMASí opening in 2007 Cliff was impressed with many of the concepts developed by the founding instructors: The objective approach to training, honest and direct teaching methods, the excellent curriculum which enabled students to make rapid progress, the focus on science and the ďno games and no secretsĒ attitude.

In March 2008 he joined IMAS and started practicing Wing Tsun with his former student Sifu Vik Hothi, IMAS Chief Instructor.

Sifu Cliff is now Senior Adviser to IMAS, Senior Instructor of Chi Gung and Instructor of Wing Tsun kung fu.

Cliff has a big interest in the history of chi gung and martial arts and has made a lifelong study of medieval weapons, particularly Japanese swords.

His interests outside of martial arts include mountaineering and free-climbing, shooting, mountain-biking, cycling and wilderness trekking.


"Qigong has had a profound effect upon my life. Physically and mentally, I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been before; the exercises taught ensure that I start each day refreshed and energized.

With Sifu Cliff Alderson's patient teaching and the support of the other students, it was easy to grasp the concepts of this art."

- Matthew Sin, 16/10/09

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