Excellent, Chi Gung class held by Cliff on Friday nights
8.00 - 9.00
Cliff has made his class very friendly and informative regarding relaxation and calming methods.

After only three months I thoroughly enjoy the Chi Gung and am starting to feel happier & less stressed with a more positive attitude maybe becoming addicted to that "springy feeling" which comes with it.

Thank you for your support and teaching tips so far and I am looking forward to more classes in the future.

-Lesley Carle

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Sifu Cliff Alderson
Tel: 07957 221738

IMAS Martial Arts Centre
39E Bedford Avenue
Berks SL1 4RA


The IMAS (Integrated Martial Art System) Organisation has developed and teaches a complimentary set of traditional martial arts bound together by a common set of principles and concepts. These arts are taught in such a way that allow the students to listen to, and understand their own body and regain the natural athleticism that we were all born with. Much of this understanding was present in the ancient teaching of the martial arts, but has been diluted, lost and misunderstood over many generations. The in-depth knowledge of biomechanics provided by the IMAS founding team, combined with their many years of traditional martial arts training, has allowed them to rediscover the true nature of training and how it applies to the human body as a whole - mind, body and associated energy systems.

The main arts that IMAS teach are Wing Tsun Kung Fu and Escrima Concepts Weapons. These systems are taught individually, allowing the student to develop competence in each of these arts before they begin to integrate them. Wing Tsun Kung Fu teaches close-quarters combat that does not rely on strength or speed and allows students to become competent at defending themselves in a very short space of time. The same is true of Escrima Concepts Weapons that use very similar principles and concepts to Wing Tsun, and allow a student to become confident with weapons on an equally fast timescale. IMAS students often find that once they overcome their initial reservations that they enjoy both the reality of street defence and martial arts competitions. IMAS provides the framework for students to become the best martial artist that they can be, and develop in such a way that suits their fitness and self defence goals.

IMAS Chi Gung is a branch of the IMAS organisation.


"Qigong has had a profound effect upon my life. Physically and mentally, I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been before; the exercises taught ensure that I start each day refreshed and energized.

With Sifu Cliff Alderson's patient teaching and the support of the other students, it was easy to grasp the concepts of this art."

- Matthew Sin, 16/10/09

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