Excellent, Chi Gung class held by Cliff on Friday nights
8.00 - 9.00
Cliff has made his class very friendly and informative regarding relaxation and calming methods.

After only three months I thoroughly enjoy the Chi Gung and am starting to feel happier & less stressed with a more positive attitude maybe becoming addicted to that "springy feeling" which comes with it.

Thank you for your support and teaching tips so far and I am looking forward to more classes in the future.

-Lesley Carle

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Effects of Chi Gung

Chi Gung works vigorously on body fluids including blood, lymph, interstitial fluid, the synovial and cerebrospinal fluids.

  • The blood is circulated without stress on the heart - regarding blood circulation the object of Chi Gung is not to make the heart pump more strongly, but to increase the elasticity of the vascular system. As the vessels expand and contract more vigorously, the heart doesnít need to pump as strongly, which provides it with less work. Thus the beneficial consequences of Chi Gung are primarily vascular rather than cardiac in nature.

  • The immune system is strengthened - the lymph pump and therefore the immune system is strengthened. The lymph fluids are moved primarily by tiny muscular contractions. Many Chi Gung techniques employ some of their strongest motions where the largest lymph nodes are located - the armpits, back of the knees, and the inguinal region. The relatively fine muscular contractions improved by Chi Gung move lymph efficiently throughout the system. These actions and the overall increase in chi from Chi Gung exercises strengthen the bodyís immune response.

  • Increase in muscle tissue elasticity. Chi Gung also causes muscle tissue elongation; this stretching is quite different to conventional stretching. The object here is filling the tissues with energy, causing stabilization at a given degree of stretch. With most types of stretching exercise the body shrinks back to its original state soon afterward. With Chi Gung stretching however, the muscles gradually become springy like a rubber band - thus enhancing performance. A few athletes possess this muscular springiness naturally, but everyone can achieve this condition via Chi Gung practice.

  • Synovial fluid is rejuvenated, increasing joint flexibility. Synovial fluid lubricates the joints, allows joint flexibility, and when functioning correctly helps to prevent arthritis and rheumatism. According to Chinese medicine, when wind, damp or physical obstruction (such as coagulated blood and calcium deposits) get trapped in the joints, the results are not only specific joint problems, but also a decrease in the flow of chi throughout the entire body. Chi Gung compresses and expands the synovial fluid, preventing and reversing many types of joint disorders.

  • Cerebrospinal pump efficiency increased. Cerebrospinal fluid is fundamentally a nutrient bath and lubricating liquid that surrounds the spinal cord and brain. It maintains a constant pressure in the body which regulates nerve flow and affects the physical senses. Many Chi Gung techniques enhance the strength of the cerebrospinal fluid pumps in the body and add chi to the fluid. The effectiveness of our physical senses are determined by the health of our spines. Cerebrospinal fluid determines how healthy our spinal cord is to a great extent, and also how efficiently the spinal nerves carry messages from the brain to the body and back from body to brain. All Chi Gung exercises strongly affect the cerebrospinal pump by physically pumping the fluid and by moving chi - both of these encourage the cerebrospinal fluid pump to perform at optimal efficiency.

  • Tendons strengthened. Chi Gung adds greater strength and elasticity to the tendons, which contributes to the tremendous flexibility many Chi Gung practitioners have. This flexibility derives primarily from the tendons and ligaments and not from the muscles. Chi Gung has the ability to not only make ligaments more springy, but also to shorten and stabilize them if they are overstretched (a cause of joint instability). Many martial artists and dancers suffer from this ailment.

  • Bone marrow energized. Chi Gung affects the bones by directly infusing the bone marrow with energy. This technique is an advanced one, but by the time a disciplined practitioner reaches an advanced level of Chi Gung, the energizing of the bone marrow has already started to occur.

  • Activation of healing systems. Masters of Chi Gung have been healing people suffering from chronic or incurable diseases since ancient times. In modern day China, there are sections of hospitals and clinics that use Chi Gung to treat conditions unresponsive to other methods of therapy, such as acupuncture, Western medicine, and herbs. Here patients learn to regulate their own chi, with a little help from their therapist. The range of maladies amenable to such treatment is quite broad, ranging from nerve diseases, such as Parkinsonís, to cellular diseases, such as cancer.

  • The body awakens incrementally. If Chi Gung is practiced assiduously, the body will begin to reveal itself to you gradually, in a marvelous process of discovery. Internal areas that were initially numb will begin to regain sensation. As your body becomes more alive, youíll be able to feel how your physical self works from the inside out. Gradually the Chi Gung practitioner actually begins to feel the internal organs (directly sense where the liver and spleen are for example) and what they are doing at any given time (as opposed to knowing this information intellectually). This sensitivity allows the detection of potential problems well before they ever get to the point of causing any serious trouble.

  • Increased physical and mental abilities. Over time you will find yourself feeling more comfortable, and able to do more things without strain, and not get sick as much as you used to. You will start developing a type of effortless concentration and ability to do physical things you never before even thought possible. Your chi is growing whether you are aware of it or not. Keep practicing and you will eventually feel the chi in a very real way. Some of the common sensations people report when they feel chi starting to move in their bodies include feelings of warmth, extreme heat, electricity, heaviness, lightness, expansion, contraction, pressure, itching and an internal sense of wind or water moving.

  • Martial Chi Gung. There are many series of forms and exercises for the development of the mental and physical requirements of martial arts. Power, speed, flexibility and resilience are some of the key areas trained. In some styles an incredible physical strength is gained (The Iron Thread for example), in some the reflection of energy makes it possible to withstand powerful blows to the body (Iron Shirt gung), others enable large stones to be fractured using hands or feet. The list is quite extensive and one thing that they all have in common is the requirement of many years of diligent practice. These particular types of Chi gung are primarily suitable for the dedicated martial artist as they require several hours of practice each day.


"Qigong has had a profound effect upon my life. Physically and mentally, I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been before; the exercises taught ensure that I start each day refreshed and energized.

With Sifu Cliff Alderson's patient teaching and the support of the other students, it was easy to grasp the concepts of this art."

- Matthew Sin, 16/10/09

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