Excellent, Chi Gung class held by Cliff on Friday nights
8.00 - 9.00
Cliff has made his class very friendly and informative regarding relaxation and calming methods.

After only three months I thoroughly enjoy the Chi Gung and am starting to feel happier & less stressed with a more positive attitude maybe becoming addicted to that "springy feeling" which comes with it.

Thank you for your support and teaching tips so far and I am looking forward to more classes in the future.

-Lesley Carle

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Sifu Cliff Alderson
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IMAS Martial Arts Centre
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Welcome to the IMAS Chi Gung website.

Chi gung is an ancient science concerning the energy systems of living beings and the environment in which they live. It has been practiced for more than 5000 years. There are many hundreds of chi gung styles and systems that have been developed over the centuries by various Masters and doctors of Chinese medicine, in monasteries and in medical centers throughout the far-east. New systems are still being developed today as modern science enables us to have a more comprehensive understanding of the energies and components involved in Chi Gung.

As the West becomes more aware of the benefits of these gentle exercise and healing systems it is quickly becoming a very popular activity, both in the sports studio and the medical clinic. Chi Gung is something that all people can discover within themselves. Observe how children run onto a warm sunny beach and how deeply they breathe in the salty air or how their arms open wide to embrace all the fun around them. This is Chi Gung in its natural form. Children have a direct relationship with the energy of the environment whilst adults have to re-learn what comes naturally to the youngsters.

Sifu Cliff

In ancient times human beings had to rely on their highly tuned senses and abilities to survive. During the transition from hunting and gathering to farming, then industrialisation and finally "admin" and "I.T.", we have gradually lost touch with the environment and direct contact with other types of living beings. We now live and work in conditions of relative isolation, having lost much of the abilities of our senses and overall sensitivity to the natural world. During the course of our lifetime we gradually become less in touch with our own bodies and eventually succumb to illnesses and various conditions, some of which are accepted as a consequence of "old age." Stiffness of muscle, sinew and joints, lethargy, aches and pains, moodiness, lack of power and vitality, depression and lack of mental balance, and general lack of condition leading to various illnesses – all of these can be rectified by the special exercises of chi gung. Through these practices we learn to get in touch with our bodies and the environment once more.

The benefits of Chi Gung practice are innumerable and vary according to the system/exercises being practiced. Strengthening of the immune system, boosting energy levels and recuperative abilities, enhancing athletic performance, gaining elasticity of muscles and tendons, boosting strength and stamina, curing illness, increasing life-span and regaining that positive "good to be alive" feeling, are but a few examples. Chi gung exercises the internal organs and fluid pumping systems, not just the lungs, muscles and external components of the body as in conventional sports and martial arts. This facilitates the development of a much deeper state of healthiness, which in turn leads to a longer more fulfilling life! Many Chi Gung styles are now being openly taught, and formerly secret documents are being published. Modern methods of communication have made Chi Kung available to a much wider audience than ever before, and people now have the opportunity to study many different styles. Furthermore, people are now able to compare Chinese Chi Gung to similar arts from various other countries including India, Japan, and Korea. In the near future Chi Gung will be considered one of the most exciting fields of research. It is an ancient science which is now beginning to be investigated with the help of new technologies which are developing at an exponential rate. Chi Gung has the potential to greatly improve everyone’s quality of life, and in the bigger picture, become a determining factor in the evolution of the human race.

IMAS Chi Gung offers a comprehensive syllabus which includes several chi gung systems, some of which we have specially designed for the enhancement of modern scientific exercises. We will also offer some new Wing Tsun specific Chi Gung forms for the more advanced Kung fu student.

IMAS Chi Gung students learn at their own speed to facilitate correct learning and personal development. There is no upper age limit for chi gung practice as all practitioners benefit from exercises which can be specifically tailored for them as an individual. Very young people however, rarely have the attention span required to carry out many of the exercises! Personal levels of health and fitness, including any medical conditions are taken into account when designing the individual student’s program.


"Qigong has had a profound effect upon my life. Physically and mentally, I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been before; the exercises taught ensure that I start each day refreshed and energized.

With Sifu Cliff Alderson's patient teaching and the support of the other students, it was easy to grasp the concepts of this art."

- Matthew Sin, 16/10/09

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